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The Information You Enter While Shopping on Our Site is Encrypted Using SSL and The Security of Your Information is Kept at Maximum Level.You Can View Your SSL Certificate by Double Clicking on The Lock Sign at The Bottom Right of The Page When You Go To The Order Page.Our SSL Certificate is Our Own Site and Registered on Behalf of Our Company.

What is SSL ?

SSL Ensures That The Information Sent is Strictly Decrypted Only in The Correct  Address.
The Information is Automatically Encrypted Before Being Sent and Can Only Be Decrypted by The Correct Recipient.
Verify and Protect The Confidentiality and Integrity of The Information on Both Sides.

Privacy Policy

Any Information You Have Given Us Will Be Treated as a Mystery and Will Not Be Shared With Others.
Your Name, Address, Phone Number, E-mail Address, Credit Card Number, Telephone Information and Message You Have Given to Us During The Order Are Accepted as Confidential Information From Our Point Of View and Are Protected by Our Confidentiality Agreement.

Your E-mail Address is Not Shared With Third Parties.As Gold Flower, Customer Satisfaction, Security and Privacy Are The Most Important Issues.Because of This, Our Online Store Has Been Secured With The SSL System Based on Our Own Site.For Credit Card Transactions, Virtual-Pos System is Used.