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Having 25 years of Experience in The Sector, Gold Flower is The Necessity of Individual and Corporate Customers, Bouquet, Arrangement, Special Chocolate, Special Flower Designs, Non-Soluble Rose, Terryum, Minxin Garden, Cactus Varieties, Bonzai Trees, Hotel Decorations for Living and Artificial Flowers, Decoration Materials,Artificial Tree Varieties, Special Flowers for Celebrations and İnvitations,Flower Pots, Chocolate Decorations for Engagement and Wedding Ceremonies for Special Occasions,Gondola and Tray Decorations, Bride Hand Bouquets,Bride Car Decoration ,etc… Our Company Most Hosting Services Within Turkey and Offers All Services in General. is One of The Best Online Florists in Antalya. We Are Also One of The Biggest Buyers Of Fresh Flowers in Our Country. 7 Days a Week, Every Day Buys Turkey's Best Fresh Cut Flowers, We Offer You a Discount Wonderful Flowers to The Taste Of Our Valued Customers.